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Lease Information

The standard motel lease includes the purchase of the business, chattels and goodwill. Chattels include all furniture, i.e. beds, tables and chairs etc., soft furnishings, eg., carpet, bedding, light fittings, office and kitchen equipment, and decor items, and all appliances. Ducted air-conditioners (driven by a central motor) usually form part of the building and so are owned by the landlord. Box or split-system air conditioners, which can be removed without major structural alterations, are therefore generally considered part of the chattels.

The business is yours to market, manage and build for maximum profit and growth. The more business you generate, the more you make. Your landlord receives an agreed annual rental, representing a commercial return on his or her investment.

If you require any further information please feel free to contact the friendly Hunter and associates staff.

Hunter and Associates Motel Brokers, 203 Rose Ave Coffs Harbour, Phone: 02 6651 6818

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